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January 9
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You was making the table while trying to keep Luffy from eating the food but you was so thankful that Usopp was helping you. You sat down the spoons next to each bowl.

A spoon slipped from your hand and fell underneath the table. You bend down and lifted up the white table cloth. After a few scans of the ground you found the shiny spoon underneath a chair. You went to pick it up.


Your head shot up at your name being called, but your head ended up hitting the bottom of the table. You kept your eyes close as you rubbed your head to make the pain go away. When you opened your eyes, Sanji was looking at you with the table cloth over his head.

With the way light was and the white table cloth over his head made him look more adorable then ever and you really wanted to hug him more than ever.

“(name) are you ok?” Sanji stared at you with a puppy dog expression that you couldn’t ignore. It made the blood in your cheeks rise up and make a small blush spread across your face. Then you decided to spoke to make the silence staring go away, “Who called for me?”
“That was Drew he was excited that you made him Potato soup.”  Sanji laughed and helped you out from underneath the table.

~Time skip cuz this part was just you shoving soup into your mouth~

After everyone got done eating they went to the bath house in town, besides you and Sanji.
You started to pick up the mess Luffy and Franky made. In the middle of dinner they decided to have a food fight and it really made you mad but you brushed it off since Drew seemed to enjoy it.

Sanji went outside to take a smoke and you were washing up the rest of the dishes. Then a thought hit you. You were going to either leave Drew again to stay apart of the crew or leave the crew. You didn’t want to leave either. You had Drew to look after and the crew became your family that you never had.  You didn’t realize that you began crying until you felt the tears fall unto your hands.

You just stood there thinking about the choice you had to make. It was tough mostly after you fell in love with the handsome cook of the ship and seeing Drew’s happy face again. After a while you heard the front door open. You hurried to brush away the tears that was on your face.

After the door opened, you heard no footsteps that came in. When you turned your head to look at the front door, Sanji was standing there looking at you next to the door frame of the kitchen.

There was no words as you two stood there looking into each other’s eyes. Sanji was the one who broke the silence. “(Name) what’s wrong?” he stepped over to you and hugged you.

This time you had to let him know how you felt about him. “I don’t want to leave you….” you whispered into his ear.

Sanji sat his head on yours and whispered, “ I don’t want you to eiether”

That’s when you realized that he was talking about you not Zoro and he loved you as well. God damn…..he made the choice harder.

“I’m sorry but I have to……Drew needs me” those tears came back and fell down your cheeks.

Sanji moved to where he was looking at you. “Drew can always come with us” He wiped away a tear from your face.

You both stared into each other eyes like in those romance movies were the guy comes home from over years and the girl jumps and hugs him and they have that special staring moment. You and Sanji had something like that.

He leaned into you to where your faces were inches apart. You decided to close the gap by planting a kiss on his lips. Sanji leaned in to give it more passion.  He wasn’t going to fast or to slow on the kiss. He was the perfect gentleman that anyone could have and he is yours.

You both broke apart from the kiss for the need of that stupid air. “I love you.”

Sanji smirked at the words you said. “I love you more~”

You giggled at his cuteness. You got on your tippy toes and put a peck on his cheek then whispered into his ear. “You are even more adorable then Chopper”

Sanji  set his hands on your waist and whispered into your ear back

“I think that deserves a reward.”

Those words sent warm chills into your body.

What were you going to say next?
Sanji (Love Chase) [V1]  Ok here is the last part of this story!! next comes the extra ending.....(the lemon):iconsanjiloveplz: so you girls better be ready for it!!! 
cuz i'm gonna make it good......but i'm gonna feel so awkward writting it......:iconcryforeverplz:
it's for you guys so i got to be strong Bench it - remake <<<<<(like that guy)

Sanji (Overjoy) [V1] Sanji is waiting for the lemon too~
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